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Working mostly in oil or pastels, Suzanne  Owens cites as her greatest inspiration the natural world around her. “I want those who see my paintings to feel that they are with me, seeing the same play of light and shadow, the same colors and reflections,” she says. “In my work, I get to experience these amazing visual gifts from God, and I want to help others have that chance.”

Suzanne’s affinity for her subject matter has been a part of her life for as long as art itself. First as a 10-year-old enrolled in the Dallas Museum of Art’s children’s program and later as an art and architecture student at the University of Texas, Suzanne was drawn to animals, to quiet places, to areas of beauty away from traffic and noise. When she paints, she offers viewers of her works a glimpse of the places she herself feels most at peace.

Suzanne Owens landscape paintings are beautiful and brings you to nature.